Kids On Sale is a free service for searching for sales and discounts online and instore, and a free avenue for businesses to advertise their sales and clearance items. Children’s clothing, toys, accessories, maternity wear… you name it, if it’s something that a mum or mum-to-be would buy, you can find it here!

How did this site begin?

I am a great shopper. And a born bargain hunter. There’s a pretty special feeling that comes with going out shopping and coming home with great pieces at special prices. The ultimate shopping high.

When I had my first baby my shopping experience entered a whole new level. The amount of breath taking fashion and accessories available for little girls of this generation is astounding. With the birth of my second child shopping instore with a baby and a toddler became a little tricky. Buying anything became hard, and browsing became impossible! And so began my love affair with online shopping.

After a while my intricate bookmarking system of online sales became too much to navigate and so Kids On Sale was born. A way of tracking all of the wonderful online (and instore of course!) sales and sharing them with other Aussie mums.

My goal is to always keep this as a free avenue for advertising store sales or individual items on sale for anyone servicing the Australian market. I have a passion for local, hand made and Australian-mum-owned products and would also love to support these wonderful businesses here as much as I can.

If you have a sale or know about a sale, please let me know, and spread the word!
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